Community Warmth Project

Warm Thing for Cold Days


Embracing Warmth and Compassion in Lynn

Welcome to the heartwarming world of the Community Warmth Project, where we believe in the power of compassion, community, and a cozy scarf to make a difference. Our journey began in 2015 with a simple idea inspired by an act of kindness seen in a news story. We tied handmade scarves to poles and fences, each ...

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Warming Hearts, One Scarf at a Time

We are dedicated to spreading warmth and compassion throughout our community. Our mission centers around providing essential winter items to those in need, ensuring that everyone can stay cozy and comfortable during the chilly months. With our array of services, we're here to make a positive impact and build a ...

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Our Purpose

Create, Collect, Collaborate

We create, collect, and collaborate to gather warm winter items to be given to people on cold winter days.

Build Community & Connection

We work together in a variety of ways. We craft, we shop, and we create. We build community while doing the work of sharing warm things for cold days. Our goal is to help kids and adults have the gear they need to be outside all winter long.

Share Kindness and Warm Things on Cold Days

We collaborate with local agencies to provide needed items for the people they serve. We also respond and mobilize in public places when critically cold weather hits our area. Do you want to help? We'd love for you to join us. We're a group of people working together because we saw a need and couldn't look away.


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